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Walmart: From Pilot to Roll Out

Walmart announced yesterday that it intends to open 400 more in store mini-clinics.  It will do this in partnership with hospitals and third party mini-clinic providers.  A couple interesting points from the Walmart press release that bear noting:

“We know that customers like and want these clinics. At existing clinics in our stores, about 90 percent of patients report being satisfied or very satisfied. They appreciate the fast, easy and convenient experience,”

"Scott notes that surveys in existing clinics revealed more than half of those who visited a clinic said they were uninsured. Nearly 15 percent of customers said they would have gone to a hospital emergency room for their care – thus increasing the burden on already strained community health care institutions – if they could not have gone to the clinic inside a Wal-Mart."

What this says to me is that it's all about increased access to affordable convenient healthcare. And people like that... 



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